We take great pride in our people. We are a small office of highly trained professionals ready to help you with your legal needs.


We founded our firm in 2010 and have built upon our combined years of experience both in and out of the courtroom.


We are based right here in Great Falls, MT and take great pride in our local community. From our volunteer work to our interaction with local charities; we care about our community.


We treat our customers in a professional and respectful way. You are not just a number when you become a client. You become a valued part of our team.

Family Law

Life does not always go as planned. People get divorced, fight over custody, and everything in between. We are here to help guide you through the process in a professional and caring manner.

Personal Injury

Life is risky and injuries happen, but when it is avoidable and someone else's fault you need to made whole again. Our team of highly trained professionals can help get you back on your feet.

Wrongful Termination

You work hard for your money, so when you are let go for a reason beyond your control you need proper representation. We are here to help.

Medical Malpractice

Something happened in your life and you needed medical attention, but then something went wrong. You don't have to suffer alone. We are here to help.

Criminal Defense

You have been accused of a crime and need legal representation. From DUI's to homicides and everything in between we are here to help.

Contract Disputes

You thought you had everything in order, but the other party in your agreement thinks otherwise. That is where we can get involved to help you.

Products Liability

You purchased a product with you hard earned money to improve your lifestyle. Now that same product has injured you, and you need help. Give us a call.

Business Transactions

Whether you are starting a business. acquiring one, or even selling one you need professional legal representation to be sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

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Our Mission is simple

to help people

We got into this business to help people. Our firm has a wide range of legal expertise, and we are here to help. You will find us professional, caring, and tenacious. We will work hard for you and get you what you deserve. Give us a call, email, or simply stop by to meet our impressive team and let us help you get back to where you started.
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